Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Monday, March 23, 2020



Place St. Charles is committed to providing the best service possible to our tenants during these trying times. It is our hope that everyone adheres to the directions issued by the CDC and Mayor Cantrell’s office.  
We understand the importance of continuing to operate your business while being sensitive to the challenges you face with the COVID 19 situation. 
Per the order issued by Mayor Cantrell on March 20, because Place St. Charles has many tenants that may be “essential service providers”, the building will remain open.  This link below will provide the information from the Mayor’s office regarding essential service providers.

Subject to additional government orders or further changes in circumstance, Place St. Charles will remain open, but access during normal business hours will be gained either from the Gravier Street entrance or the parking garage, as is typical for after-hours entrance.  HVAC will function as customarily provided, and maintenance staff will be available as well, although personnel will rotate from day to day in order to help with social distancing.  We ask that everyone sign-in on the 14th floor during normal business hours, just as you would after-hours.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but feel it is important for safety purposes. 
A fence has been installed around the St. Charles side of the building, as is typically done during the Mardi Gras season.  As during Mardi Gras, the gates to the fence will be open during normal business hours and locked in the evening.   
Restaurant services in the second-floor food court can remain open for pick-up services only.  They have continued to stay open on a day-to-day basis, and we want to thank all the vendors that have remained open in order to service those of us that are still in the building.  Each food court tenant will decide how their business will operate.  If your office is essential and will be in operation, please help the vendors of our food court by patronizing their facilities by ordering and picking up. 

The parking garage will remain open to any contract parker or noncontract parkers that can pay by credit card when exiting.  No personnel will be at the in the booth at the exit.  Garage personnel will be working rotating hours,  but will continue to provide services as normal.
The management office will operate Monday through Friday on a rotating schedule and will be open for service from 10-3 each day.  Maintenance personnel will be alternating schedules, but will continue to provide normal services.   Emergencies will be handled as always, including after hours, with phones being answered 24 hours a day.  Customary janitorial services will be provided, with no planned deviation in service.  If you would prefer not to have your space cleaned, please inform the management office.  Security will continue to operate as normal with no exceptions. 
We would like to encourage everyone to continue to practice social distancing while in the building, particularly in the elevators and common areas, and please utilize the provided hand sanitizers in the lobbies and wash your hands as often as possible. 

It is our hope that with everyone’s help, this situation will come under control sooner rather than later and your lives and businesses can return to normal as soon as possible.